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Match believes in the power of social engagement. Our mission is to help you have a meaningful impact in Maastricht. 

We help you find volunteering opportunities in Maastricht and give advice about social engagement. 

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home is something you create together

There’s more to studying than lectures and libraries. Learn through new experiences and invest time in your community.


start small.

What gestures can you make that brighten another’s day? Say hi, offer your neighbours a coffee, and bring used items to the thriftshop.

get inspired!

Not sure where to start? Our helpdesk offers you some of the most interesting articles on social engagement and action research



think & talk

Think about what you want. Consider the time you want to spend and your strengths. Talk about it with friends and family.

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Still here? Great! Now find a volunteer project that you like. Take a look at our projects or ask around in your neighbourhood.


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Discover the latest about how to get involved in Maastricht and connect through volunteering.

Match for Brighter Futurs: Kick-off event

In Brighter Futures students are paired with a Maastricht high school student. The students are supported in doing their homework, developing their talent and realizing their dreams. That all sounds very nice, but why would a student volunteer 3 hours a week to help a student? To find out, we talked to students, pupils and coordinators.

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Spreading the Christmas joy through toy drives

Tonight is Christmas Eve, for many one of the most enjoyable evenings of the year. Apart from spending Christmas with your family, for most people it also means thinking more about their fellow man. Christmas is a time to do good for others, like inviting someone to join you at home, preparing a meal for them and donating warm clothes.

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Saint Nicolas explained for internationals

You might have spotted them on Maastricht’s streets already: a bearded old man dressed as a bishop and his exotically dressed helper. They are Saint Nicolas (Sinterklaas) and Pete (Piet) and they’re here to punish the naughty children and treat the nice.

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