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Young European Federalists of Maastricht

At our University, there are many active student organizations specializing in everything – from sports to social debates to religious communities. Today, our blogger Tristan sits down with Clara Bleileven, the President of the local chapter of the Young European Fereralists (otherwise known as JEF). The organization promotes the ideas of European integration and is …

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The Plantenasiel: Combining Community with a Passion for Plants

I met Lotte Reinhoudt and Siméon de Bruijn on a sunny Thursday morning. In the middle of the pandemic, these two Epidemiology Msc students founded the Plantenasiel. Their initiative gives plants a second chance: you can donate plants, exchange plants, or buy plants for a small fee. The initiative has been running for two months …

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Window Sessions

The last few months have been exceptionally strange for all of us. For many, the closure of businesses and the outflow of students going back to their home countries make Maastricht feel empty. However, for my housemate Tristan and I, living in a beautiful street at the edge of the center, it has meant rediscovering …

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Liberty for UM

It’s tough in your first year of university. The sky’s the limit in terms of what you can do, but it’s looking pretty intimidating up there. And before you can do any growing, you need to find out who you really are. One thing that’s great about Maastricht is the sheer volume of groups and …

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