Match Maastricht


My name is Marion and I have been living as a Match student in Mariaberg since September 2019.Together with two friends of mine, we have created the organization “Students for Climate Maastricht” (S4C) in February 2019, with which we organized climate marches in the city as well as raising awareness events. After having graduated from my bachelor’s in data science in July 2019, I have then decided to stay one more year in Maastricht in order to keep working for our climate group.When I heard about Match for the first time, I thought it was the perfect way to combine our environmental concerns with our desire to connect more with the Maastricht population. Together with two of my friends from S4C, we hence applied to Match with the intention to bring sustainability to our neighborhood as well as to gain a better understanding of how the local population sees climate change.Generally, being part of Match has been a great learning experience for me. After spending three years fully immersed in the international community of Maastricht, it was beautiful to connect with the local population and to discover a side of Maastricht that was unknown to me. I have been able to improve my dutch to a level where I now feel completely comfortable.