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Nanette van Haften

Hi, my name is Nanette. The two words that describe me best as a person are creative and curious. Also, I can be a bit of a dreamer; I easily get lost in the possibilities of world. For me, every day brings another opportunity to dive into new concepts and learn about other humans. I soak it all up like a sponge. As I love to translate these experiences into words, I started to volunteer for Match as a blogger.Two years ago, I graduated from the Erasmus University with a Bachelor in Communication and Media during which I also did an exchange in Hong Kong. Afterwards I wanted a bit of a change. Hence, I decided to move to Maastricht to study Business Intelligence and Smart Services. My master teaches me the ins- and outs of data analyses for business insights. Besides, I get to work on interesting projects to improve and create user-centered services supported by data.What particularly interests me is the connection between humans and data. How can we communicate data insights so everyone can understand it? For example, for my thesis I am researching Data Storytelling. This is a technique used to bring data to life with understandable and, sometimes, personal stories. I hope to also give you some data stories right here on Match, so stay tuned.Lastly, besides my serious life, I also dance a lot. Although I am originally a ballerina, I love to dabble in different styles. Recently, I discovered a new style called Waacking which is a quirky yet technical style. I absolutely love the combination. For me, dancing is a way to express myself, exactly like writing is.

Nanette van Haften

The Plantenasiel: Combining Community with a Passion for Plants

I met Lotte Reinhoudt and Siméon de Bruijn on a sunny Thursday morning. In the middle of the pandemic, these two Epidemiology Msc students founded the Plantenasiel. Their initiative gives plants a second chance: you can donate plants, exchange plants, or buy plants for a small fee. The initiative has been running for two months …

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