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Match for Brighter Futurs: Kick-off event

In Brighter Futures students are paired with a Maastricht high school student. The students are supported in doing their homework, developing their talent and realizing their dreams. That all sounds very nice, but why would a student volunteer 3 hours a week to help a student? To find out, we talked to students, pupils and coordinators.

Match’ Houses inspiration evening: Stories from participating students

Every six weeks, the members of the Match Houses teams gather and inspire each other. They have dinner together and get to know each other at a deeper level. In this manner, students can blow new life into the current projects in their neighborhoods.

For the first inspiration evening of the academic year, Janna and Shanti, coaches of Match Houses prepared several entertaining, small tasks in order for the group to get to know each other better.

The students live in houses in different neighbourhoods and as the inspiration evening continues, it becomes clear that they all face different challenges (and benefits). Below, Allisa, Lizette, Nicole and Esmee tell about their experiences.

This is how you integrate in Maastricht

Ewout van den Engel (1983) studeerde cultuurwetenschappen in Maastricht en woonde in totaal 14 jaar in en om de stad. Op dit moment houdt hij een crowdfundingactie voor zijn project ‘Op zoek naar de Mestreechter Geis’, waarin hij de Maastrichtse waarden en identiteit onderzoekt om zo nieuwkomers gemakkelijker te laten integreren in de Maastrichtse gemeenschap. …

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Young European Federalists of Maastricht

At our University, there are many active student organizations specializing in everything – from sports to social debates to religious communities. Today, our blogger Tristan sits down with Clara Bleileven, the President of the local chapter of the Young European Fereralists (otherwise known as JEF). The organization promotes the ideas of European integration and is …

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