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Match Maastricht

The Match project aims to increase social involvement and engagement of students within the city of Maastricht and its surroundings. At Match organisations are able to find assistance and support for ...

1 volunteer positions


"Everybody Matters" is the slogan of Trajekt. They are in every neighbourhood and knw what social activities happen in your street. They have many interesting aspects for students as well. Mediation b...

Serve the City

Serve the City Maastricht helps people who have a hard(er) time through spot, games, music and so much more. Together with local social organizations who help people in need, Serve the City organize i...

the Masters

The Masters is a special place in Wyck which facilitates differently developed youth in finding external social internships, discover- use- and develop- their talents.

Match housing

Match houses are homes located in different Maastricht neighbourhoods where you live for free – you only pas electricity, gas, water and internet. Together with a team of fellow students you connect...

Match for Brighter Futures

Match for Brighter Futures aims to create equal opportunities for all children and teenagers in Maastricht. Students help teenagers in need with their homework and coach them to develop their talents ...


Conversations with @ease are always confidential, free and non-committal. Moreover, there is no waiting list and no referral from a doctor is required for our services. As a volunteer you provide a li...


Kaleido offers Maastricht’s internationally-minded students a “place to be" where they can hang out, exchange thoughts and ideas with others, study and party. At Kaleido everyone is welcome, no m...


Humanitas will find someone to help you're having a hard time. They are always looking for volunteers. Their Buddy project matches people together that can use your help or your company. The interacti...


Our goal is to connect people and nature in the Maastricht region. We stimulate citizens, companies and governments to be involved with nature in their environment. Sustainabilty isn't a simple trick,...

Mens Achter de Patient (MAP)

The 'human behind the patient' strives to make healthcare more humanity oriented. It is a student initiative that brings the stories of patient to the future healthcare professionals.

MSA Nour

MSA Nour’s mission is to represent and unite all the Muslim (followers of the Islam religion) students of Maastricht. We aim to contribute to their academic and religious identity. Secondly, we aspi...

Homeless Project Maastricht

We are a group of people cooking at a salvation army once a week on either mondays, tuesdays or thursdays from 15:30 to 17:30. We are searching for open minded volunteers to join our team of about 25 ...


Enactus believes in business as a force for social, environmental and economic benefit. We are social entrepreneurs who tackle local problems to empower the community in Maastricht! "Poverty is not a ...


Sports Council MUSST (Maastricht University Student Sports Council) is the representative and coordinating body for the student sports associations (SSA's). SSA's can contact Sports Council MUSST for ...

Maastricht Platform for Community-Engaged Research/MPCER

Our mission is to create a multidisciplinary platform for employees at Maastricht University who do/support, or are interested in doing/supporting, community-engaged research.

Fietsen alle jaren

Everyone deserve to enjoy the feeling of the wind through your hair. Memories that flood in when you cycle through the familiar streets, or the thoughts that cross your head in nature. "Cycling throug...

In de Rooden Leeuw

In de Rooden Leeuw, vernoemd naar de gevelsteen, is een vrijwilligers-organisatie. Zij tracht een actieve bijdrage te leveren aan het welzijn van mensen die (extra) aandacht en sociale steun behoeven....

Credo huis

Wij geloven dat iedere jongere kostbaar en waardevol is, gaven en talenten heeft en tot bloei kan komen. Het Credo Huis biedt vanuit een kleinschalige aanpak een veilig (t)huis voor jongeren tussen de...

Universiteit met de buurt

De Universiteit met de Buurt verbindt kennis van buurtbewoners en de universiteit voor een gezonde en veerkrachtige wijk


AIESEC is an organisation that facilitates the development of leadership through exchanges. Being the largest youth-run non-governmental organisation, AIESEC enables students to become the very best v...

Amnesty International Maastricht AIMS

(AIMS) is a group of committed students who all want to emphasize the importance of Human Rights in our world. Since its founding, AIMS organizes plenty of actions and activities in Maastricht to crea...

Liter of Light

Liter of Light Netherlands is a student association that is part of a global network with the aim to provide an ecologically and economically sustainable source of light to underprivileged households ...

Love Foundation

We are an open network of students and artists creating cultural events to raise money for water development projects


MUSTANGH is a foundation managed by students, who try to create a win-win situation between Maastricht University and a rural hospital in Ghana, the West Gonja Hospital. They try to achieve this by se...


Ragweek Maastricht is a yearly initiative where money is collected for a good cause. The money is collected through a week full of activities. Every year two good causes are chosen: one regional and n...

Red Cross Student Desk Maastricht

The Red Cross Studentdesk Maastricht organizes all kind of small scale activities out of goodwill for the local community of Maastricht. Activities range from first aid classes to fund raising actions...

Tools Maastricht

Tools Maastricht is a community organization working to develop/operate a Community Fabrication and Maintenance Center for the people of South Limburg. At the TOOLS fabrication centre, you will be abl...

Unicef Student team

The biggest of 16 UNICEF teams in the Netherlands! Our mission is to give students the opportunity and platform to make a difference in areas they are passionate about. Our main focus is on children...

Leger des Heils

Salvation Army offers food and shelter to those in need.

Quiet Community

Quiet offers it's members periodical presents which are provided by their sponsors. These gifts are diverse and ment for people that normally wouldn't be able to afford them. Besides this system they ...

Refugee Project Maastricht

The Refugee Project Maastricht is a volunteer-run community organisation that is dedicated to connecting people seeking asylum, students and locals with the goal to build friendships, have fun, learn ...


The InnBetween is an open student community that comes together to have meaningful experiences. We organize events focused on the things we are passionate about and are driven by spirituality. What do...

Young Peso

Young Peso is a community organization that concerns itself with the well-being of youths and kids. They organize different events and meetups, like skate competitions and music performances.

Maastricht for Climate

Maastricht for climate is an environmental organisation that thrives for social justice. It is a local branch of the global climate movement. By organising public protests such as climate marches, rai...

Voedselbank Limburg

Foodbank provides meals for those who need them. Check this page for open positions:


The purpose of the Afro-Caribbean Maastricht University Society is to provide an intercultural platform for all current and future students in Maastricht of Afro-Caribbean heritage or otherwise in aff...

WE Festival

The WE Festival is an annual, non-profit festival, which is organized by volunteers in and around Maastricht. Our ambition is to involve as many diverse people and organizations as possible in order t...

Psychology unwrapped

"Awareness is of invaluable importance to remove the stigma around mental health; for those who live with mental difficulties, their relatives and the community as a whole. We therefore think that psy...


The Treehouse is a grand experiment in creating a welcoming, down-to-earth, and homely social coffeehouse, holy hideout and workshop space that is dedicated to promoting emotional integrity, meaningfu...

Student Radio Maastricht

SRM is the community radio and podcast platform for students by students of Maastricht! On our show we share our unfiltered opinions on all kinds of topics related to student live; political engageme...

Mondiaal Maastricht

Mondiaal Maastricht is a knowledge center for Sustainable Development (SDGs, Global Goals), Global Citizenship and Climate Action. The issues that our society is facing today are urgent, complex and g...


The main objective at Athos is to enlarge the self reliance and possibilities to take part in our society in a sustainable way, of our participants in a way that suits the individual. Door verbinding ...

Werkhuis Maastricht Noordoost

The workhouse is an welcoming space where you can work in the company of their volunteers. They have a woodworking shop, a sewing studio, a Multi-media room, an Arts and Crafts space, a ceramics room....


The Stadsnomade foundation is a non-profit with a social mission. They combine sports activities and culture to achieve their ideals: impact first. They help youngsters, students, old, vulnerable, ind...

Precious Plastic

Precious Plastic is a global community of hundreds of people working towards a solution to plastic pollution. We are now starting a Precious Plastic community in Maastricht. Set up by students, but me...

Tout Maastricht

Culture for everyone! Cultuur voor iedereen Tout Maastricht staat voor het recht van iedereen op deelname aan kunst en cultuur. Als innovator en coproducent leveren wij waarde op het snijvlak van de...

Vrouwenrechtswinkel Stichting

De Stichting Vrouwenrechtswinkel Maastricht bestaat uit een groep vrouwelijke rechtenstudenten die zich inzet voor de versterking van de rechtspositie van vrouwen woonachtig in de regio Maastricht. Ti...

't Wieckerhoes Vrouwenopvang

't Wieckerhoes is een opvanghuis voor vrouwen met of zonder kinderen (zonen tot 12 jaar) die bijvoorbeeld vanwege huiselijk geweld, relatieproblemen of financiële problemen dak- of thuisloos geworden...

Toon Hermans huis

The Toon Hermans house is for all non-medical aspects that surround cancer. You can join it for diverse activities, either for information or a good conversation.


Iedereen met een verstandelijke en/of meervoudige beperking, autisme spectrum stoornis of ontwikkelingsachterstand in Zuid-Limburg kan terecht bij Radar. In alle levensfasen bieden wij ondersteuning o...

AEGEE Maastricht

AEGEE-Maastricht is a European student association, focused on cultural integration and exchange. As a member of AEGEE-Maastricht you will have an amazing time, meet new people and travel across Europ...

Meet Maastricht

Are you new to Maastricht? Are you curious about the town and its history? Meet Maastricht will take you on a beautiful journey through time, helping you discover the town’s secrets! We organize tai...


GECCO is your Universalis Sustainability Committee at University College Maastricht. We provide you with green solutions to everyday University Problems!

Amnesty International Maastricht Students

We are an international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. As the world’s largest student-run non-profit organization, we develop students on a global scale...


De Gezondheidsuniversiteit is een initiatief van studenten in samenwerking met het Maastricht UMC+. Het doel is bevordering van het gezondheidsbewustzijn bij het algemene publieks. Dit willen we reali...

Green Office Maastricht

Green Office is shaping a green future for Maastricht University

IMFSA Maastricht

IFMSA-NL streeft ernaar medisch georiënteerde studenten te verenigen voor global health en hen de benodigde waarden, kennis en vaardigheden te geven om hieraan bij te dragen binnen de gezondheidssect...

Maastrichtse Studentenraad

De Maastrichtse Studentenraad tracht studenten in Maastricht een stem te geven door hun belangen te behartigen bij de politieke en instellingen.

Buurtbrök Mariaberg

Gezellige inloopplek in jouw buurt, waar de koffie altijd klaar staat, waar je samen met andere buurtbewoners een krantje kan lezen. Je kunt er ook eens komen snuffelen tussen onze tweedehands spullet...

stichting gehandicapten Limburg

We helpen mensen met hersenletsel om op hun eigen manier verder te komen. Om een zo zelfstandig mogelijk leven te leiden en actief deel te nemen aan de maatschappij. In het bijzonder richten we ons op...

COC Limburg

COC Limburg is the main LGBT organisation of Limburg and the region. We stand for the interests and rights of lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgenders, since 1972. COC Limburg consists of se...


LEVANTO staat voor LEven VAN TOp tot teen. Dat raakt meteen de visie van de LEVANTOgroep: wij zijn ervan overtuigd dat een actieve deelname aan de samenleving voor iedereen een belangrijke voorwaarde ...

Resto van Harte

Resto VanHarte in Maastricht is een sociaal buurtrestaurant. Buurtbewoners ontmoeten elkaar in T Trefcentrum Wittevrouwenveld en genieten samen van een betaalbaar, goed en gezond driegangendiner. De p...

Ronald McDonaldHuis

Zieke kinderen voelen zich beter met hun ouders, broertjes en zusjes in de buurt. Ouders houden de zorg beter vol met een rustplek dicht bij hun zieke kind. Want als je hele wereld op de kop staat doo...

waterscouting Jan van Gent

Wij zijn de zuidelijkste waterscouting groep van Nederland. 's zomers op het water en 's winters op het land hebben wij iedere zaterdag een gevuld programma. Ben je benieuwd, of twijfel je nog? kom ge...

Samen onbeperkt

Stichting Samen Onbeperkt staat voor collectieve belangenbehartiging van mensen met een beperking en/of chronische ziekte in Maastricht en de regio. De stichting wil dat iedereen volwaardig kan meedoe...


De vrijwilligers en beroepskrachten van VluchtelingenWerk begeleiden vluchtelingen in Maastricht. We begeleiden hen bij hun asielprocedure, huisvesting, integratie, taal en werk. Daarnaast geven we vo...

Deken Hanneman Stichting

De Deken Hanneman Stichting werkt in Maastricht en koppelt betrouwbare vrijwilligers aan mensen die wat extra hulp nodig hebben in hun thuissituatie. Denk aan klusjes in huis, dingen regelen, gezelsch...