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Mondiaal Maastricht

Mondiaal Maastricht is a knowledge center for Sustainable Development (SDGs, Global Goals), Global Citizenship and Climate Action. The issues that our society is facing today are urgent, complex and global in nature: transition to a sustainable world, tackling the climate crisis and strengthening democracy and citizenship.For many people in Maastricht these topics are difficult to grasp and relevant parties do not find each other sufficiently. This is where Mondiaal Maastricht comes in.The bridge in our logo symbolizes our function in the city: we build bridges towards citizens and between social organizations, knowledge institutions, the municipality and companies. Our aim is to raise awareness and to connect and empower local changemakers.

Spoken languageEnglish Dutch
Student specific?For all
Target AudienceLocals
Type of organisationFoundation


Mondiaal Maastricht
Maastrichter Pastoorstraat 25
6211, Maastricht