a home is something you create together

In HomeSharing, we bring together inhabitants with diverse support questions and young people in search of housing. An inhabitant might be looking for more social contact, a helping hand or someone to learn a new language from. Young people are in need of affordable housing and a place to call home in a new city. HomeSharing combines both. The project was inspired by the success of Homeshare International

In short, HomeSharing is: 

  • a possibility to feel at home in your city and house
  • an opportunity to learn from someone you wouldn’t have met otherwise
  • an initiative that helps with diverse social issues such as housing shortages, loneliness and student integration

We are looking for homeowners and students who are eager to share their time, talents and network to get the most out of living together. Homeowners need to have one spare room to offer and a concrete request for support. Students should be motivated to support and socialise with people outside their student bubble.

You can read more about what is expected in these documents: 
Vacancy Homeshare Homeowner (DUTCH)
Vacancy Homeshare Student (DUTCH)

Want to share a home?  Apply now!
Please make sure you read the vacancy before you apply.

* for both the applications and homesharing, we conform to the current measurements taken by the Dutch government against Covid-19. See the FAQ below for more info

The project, for homeshare students

  • you have a tangible, positive social impact
  • learn from and about Maastricht locals 
  • build your network in the city
  • rent a room for less

The project, for home owners

  • you give students a great start in Maastricht 
  • learn from and about students
  • more income, more social contact and a helping hand where needed
  • careful selecting and matching procedure so you know who is living with you

frequently asked questions

What are the expectations of the living space?
An offered living space must meet various conditions. There must be enough space so that the persons can live together, but also have some privacy. The student’s room must have a surface of at least 5m2, a (fire-retardant) lockable door, a window that can be opened, a fire alarm and an escape route to the outside. The house must have at least 1 toilet, 1 shower/bath facility and 1 kitchen. These facilities may be shared.

HomeSharing and Covid-19, is that possible?
Yes, we still match students and homeowners. The selection and matching takes place online if possible. If an online appointment is not possible or desirable, we ensure that 1.5 meter of distance is guaranteed in a well-ventilated room.
After a successful Match has been found, the student moves in. From then on you are a household and the rules for households of the Dutch government apply. Additional agreements may be made in mutual consultation. We expect individual students as well as homeowners – we select for this – to handle this in a safe and responsible manner.

If you do not feel comfortable taking someone in at the moment, you can still sign up for the project. We will then contact you if the situation changes positively (for example due to a vaccine).

What about the rent?
In accordance with the regulations of the Huurcommissie, we use the points system to calculate the maximum rent you can ask for the room. The student receives a 150 euro discount on this rent in exchange for approximately 7 hours of effort per week.

What does the matching process look like?
We carefully select both homeowners and students. The choice for a participant is based on our own experience of selecting driven, enthusiastic students and on the knowledge of our experienced partners such as Trajekt and other Homeshare organizations in 14 countries. Once you have filled in the application form, we will contact you to schedule a telephone call. If you pass the requirements as a student, we will schedule a longer interview. If you pass the requirements as a hospita, we schedule a (digital) visit. After the interview or visit we let you know if you passed our final selection. You are then able to participate. However, as we want to make good matchings, it can take a while before we find your perfect match. In the meantime, we stay in touch. 


If you have any further questions, you can contact Hanna.

A member of the Homeshare international network

Hanna Hesemans, project coordinator