for brighter futures

help teenagers realise their dreams​

In Match for Brighter Futures, students help teenagers in need with their homework and coach them to develop their talents and realise their dreams.

As a student, you pair up with one highschool student.  You inspire, motivate, and help them build self-confidence while improving their learning outcomes. We provide you with a training and guidance to help you be a better coach!

We are currently hiring for 2021-2022. 
Want to know more? Read the vacancy here (in Dutch) 

The project, in short

  • Have a positive impact on the life of secondary school students.
  • Develop your skills. We coach you to be a better coach
  • Bonus: volunteer allowance

frequently asked questions

Where does the homework guidance take place?
The supervision usually takes place at the school itself, if a meeting place outside of school is arranged, a public place is desired and Match and the school must be notified.

What about the volunteer allowance?
There is a volunteer allowance that is paid at the end of each month

What if I was not able to provide 3 hours of guidance that week?
In general, 3 hours a week are desirable. If that does not suit you and your student, you can always propose that you call the student or that he/she can approach you if he/she has problems.

Can I participate in MFBF for a few months?
We prefer students who are available for longer periods. This way you can build a better relationship with your student. It is possible to apply for a few months, but this will be discussed further when you are invited for an interview.

Do I need to speak Dutch?
Yes. Your level of Dutch needs to be adequate to ensure proper communication with a Dutch highschool student. 

Match for Brighter Futures and Covid-19, is that possible?
Yes, we still match students and secondary school students. The selection will take place online or in real life. As long as high schools are open you can meet offline with the student you are paired up with. When you meet the student, you will always keep 1,5 metre distance and follow the guidelines of the school. We expect you to handle this in a safe and responsible manner.


If you have any further questions, you can contact Jacoline.

Jacoline Tanis, project coordinator

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