study counter and information point maastricht

SLIM was founded to improve equal opportunities among Maastricht inhabitants and its students. SLIM offers independent information, advice and support for everyone who does not take studying for granted. 

In our polarizing society, more and more groups of people are becoming vulnerable. As a result, studying is unfortunately not (anymore) a given for everyone. Think for example of first generation students, students with a small budget, people with disabilities and people who want to study later in life. Often they have already traveled a long, confusing and difficult road before they can start school at all. 

SLIM works closely with both national and local organizations and helps anyone who wants to study or is studying to find answers to their questions, so that studying is possible for everyone. Because a better future… isn’t that what you want for everyone?

Do you have questions or need help? A team of trained volunteers is here to support you. All you have to do is click the button below. You can also send us a message via whatsapp or call us.

Are you eager to provide assistance? Are you empathetic, discreet and steadfast? Then we are looking for you! Contact us by clicking the button below or reach out to is in another way.



If you have questions about SLIM, you can reach out to 
Kim Thieme, project coordinator.
+31 (0)6 28929174
Potteriestraat 92B, 6216VH Maastricht