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City Deal Kennis Maken > Maastricht is an interdisciplinary project by Maastricht University, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and the municipality of Maastricht. Students, researchers and teachers work in close collaboration with citizens to improve the livability in two neighbourhoods: Mariaberg and Randwyck. 

The project is funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and is part of the national City Deal, which aims to achieve strengthening, growth, innovation and liveability in Dutch cities.

The topics for 2020-2021 are: 

  • Sustainability and climate (duurzaamheid en klimaat)
  • Participation (meedoen en ontmoeten)
  • Safe and clean (veilig en schoon) 
  • Physical mobility and health (bewegen en gezondheid)

CDKM>M provides students, researchers and teachers with a rich learning environment and networking opportunities. It also provides the opportunity for students, teachers and researchers to have a real local impact and create innovative solutions to social issues. 

The project has been very successful with nearly 600 participating students from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and Maastricht University, who have been creating knowledge around improving quality of life on a local level, connecting with the local community and developing interventions.

The project, in short

  • work with a multidisciplinary team of students and researchers 
  • have a positive impact in a Maastricht neighbourhood
  • collect ECTS while gaining real-life working experience
  • build your network in Maastricht
  • learn about action research
  • be a socially engaged researcher or teacher

frequently asked questions

Why choose this project?
The project provides a rich community-engaged learning environment, network opportunities and an interdisciplinary approach. It gives students, teachers and researchers the opportunity to have a local impact. 

Who can apply?
1. Teachers, course coordinators and researchers
Interested teachers, course coordinators and researchers who are involved in courses that allow students to work on real-life assignments within the previously mentioned key themes, can contact the project coordinator: Inge Hooijen, Researchers are also encouraged to join if their field of research aligns with the project themes.

2. Students
Students can apply if they are:

  • a student looking for an internship or research project for their Bachelor or Master thesis within the previously mentioned themes
  • a 3rd year UCM student. For these students a City Deal MaRBLe project has been created, which you can join
  • a 3rd year BA Arts and Culture student (FASoS) in need of extra credits

For students, it also helps to have taken courses in qualitative methods (e.g. Ethnography & Qualitative Interviewing) or in visual methods (e.g. Documentary Project), but these are not strictly required. Students who speak Dutch and/or a local dialect are especially encouraged to apply, but those who do not can also participate in this project.

3. Citizens
Citizens living in the neighbourhood Mariaberg or Randwyck are encouraged to participate in the focus groups.

What are the requirements? 
For this project, you have to meet the following requirements.

  • A healthy dose of imagination and creativity and teamwork skills, as you will be working in a large and multidisciplinary team with students, researchers and teachers
  • Affinity with or interest in the key themes.
  • You are motivated and eager to deliver good work.
  • The workload in this project can be unevenly distributed over time. Good communication and time-management skills are therefore essential.

our partners in this project


If you have any further questions, you can contact Inge.

Inge Hooijen, project coordinator